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About me

If you're here, you probably don't have time to read a long "About" page. You probably don't care, either. 

So, here are some lists.

Things I'm Good At:

Writing, creative direction, time management, social media, teamwork, Adobe CC, scooping ice cream, solving problems, tie-dying, gift-giving, list-making.

Things I'm Less Good At:

Sitting still, saying no, singing, sleeping, any sports involving a ball — seriously.


Things I Like:

Words, cinnamon, ads, disability inclusion, diversity, dogs, a positive work environment, our environment, being outside, ice cream.


Things I Don't Like:

Hugs, celery, driving, ignorance, the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day.


Fun Facts:

I have an insta-famous cat. And a nonprofit. I make chapstick and soy candles for fun. I have been "surprise" skydiving. I run a Special Olympics Gymnastics program that I've been coaching every week since I was 12. I'm allergic to pet store fish food. 


Not Fun, But Still Facts:

Freelance copywriter / creative director for hire. Graduated Boston University, summa cum laude. Studied Advertising, Film/ Television minor, and Psych. Located in Salem, Massachusetts (read: Boston, MA). 


Wow, You Reached The End:

That means you probably want to see my work. Or you're my grandmother. If you're the latter, please know I am not starving and neither is my husband. And if you're the former, check out my work.

Why work with me?

(apart from how
my writing is)

Diversity is a priority

From finding photography, to helping staff teams, I go out of my way to make our work diverse and inclusive. That's what will make our work its strongest.

Accessibility is a mandatory

Every image has alt text, every site has accessibility features, and every video has accurate closed captions. Because everyone should be able to enjoy content.

(yes, really)

All my video chats are carbon neutral, my office (aka house) runs on clean energy, and food waste (even on shoots) is composted. We've got to do what's right for our world.


I never miss a deadline and track my hours down to the second. I'll do everything I can to make working together as easy and seamless as possible.

Let's make your brand
(and the world) even better.

o yes

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