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GE (Baker Hughes) - Radiography Solutions


GE (who bought Baker Hughes then became Baker Hughes) needed to spread awareness for their radiography products. But the problem is that radiography is not top-of-mind for those who don't work in it. 


Because no one thinks about GE in everyday life, that's GE doing their job.  That's a good thing. So we made this video....and also had to use all stock.

Art director: Matt St. Pierre

Video editor: Xander Hayes

GE Inspection Technologies - ERESCO Generator


Sales had gotten a bit stale due to newer, more glamorous technologies emerging. But even with all these new technologies, the ERESCO generator is the most reliable. And for this audience, that's what matters. We rebuilt excitement by highlighting the reliability and celebrating the hard workers who need it. 

Deemed "one sexy script" by one of the guys in it, who also happened to be an ex-Mormon. By far the best feedback I've ever received. 

Art director: Arm Thirawat

Producer: Sylvain Lucarelli

Video editor: Xander Hayes

GE Oil and Gas - PanaFlow


GE wanted a unique video to sell their PanaFlow ultrasonic flow meter because it's a unique product. After doing some research, we realized people don't know they need it until they see what it does. We also realized our audience is inundated with live-action product footage. So we told a true story and animated it in a way that stands out.

This video took off and got GE (and our agency) some new business.

Art director: Brandon Brown

Animator: Planet Nutshell

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