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(Branding, Website, Everything)


I started a disability inclusion and education nonprofit called AllWorthy, and run it in my "spare time". 


We create community programs and inclusive children's books to spark open conversation about disability because the more we talk about it, the less taboo it becomes and the more inclusive our world can be.


So far, we've raised over 30K for disability-related nonprofits. Our books are in homes, classrooms, and libraries around the world. We even won a Reader's Favorite Book Award. We've helped parents and teachers explain disability to children, and our apparel is on children and grown-ups in over 20 countries. 


And we're just getting started.

Art Director: Jill Pacheco

Design Intern: Kayla Rich

Illustrator: Harrison Makofsky

Visit to learn more, and don't forget to donate!

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